Personalised Mats

When a customer first walks into a store or a business they often want to be acknowledged; however, this is not always possible. Busy retail environments can leave people feeling ignored at times and likely to leave without making a purchase. Fortunately, personalised mats are a great way of greeting a customer every single time they walk through the door. They also provide a steady and secure surface that is particularly beneficial in wet conditions.

There are now manufacturers who can take a logo and print it onto welcome mats. A customer can meet with a fully trained graphic designer to go through the finer points of design. There are often opportunities to create bespoke designs with the specific purpose of printing them onto welcome mats. The whole process is made possible with the use of advanced printing machines that can apply various graphics and text to specially designed rubber mats.

Personalised Mats Can Create a Great First Impression

All new designs start on a computer and are developed with regular input from the customer. A final version will be printed and presented to the customer before it is finalised. This enables any mistakes to be spotted before the mat is produced. Bespoke computer software then initialises the printer and the process begins. All designs are printed onto nylon coverings before being mounted onto a nitrile rubber mat.

The purchase of a such an item is a wise investment because they are extremely durable and hard-wearing. They can be washed in ordinary domestic machines without affecting the colouring. Most mats also come with a specially designed grip which keeps them firmly rooted to the floor. Examples of pesonalised mats can be seen in most large retail stores. They portray strong brand images, welcome customers as they arrive and stop people slipping on wet and greasy floors during periods of bad weather.