Logo Mats

It is vital that a retail business creates a great first impression of its store. Customers have a lot of choice when shopping so making a positive statement is essential. All customers should be greeted at the door as they arrive; however, this is not often possible due to the hectic nature of working in a retail environment. Thankfully, personalised logo mats can set the right tone as soon as customers walk through the door.

Many of the nation’s leading retail brands have a welcome mat at the door. It provides everyone with a greeting and a stable surface on which to dry wet feet. Such a mat can be used to prominently display a company logo. Logos are essential in the world of retail as they are recognisable symbols of a particular brand. A prominent logo will act as a signal to loyal customers looking for their favourite store.

Logo Mats Create a Great First Impression For Customers

Personalised logo mats are most often made from an extremely durable and hard-wearing nutrile rubber. They last for several years and can be washed in most household washing machines. Their colours don’t fade after a few washes and continue to look brand new for several months. They are resistant to rips and can endure the thousands of feet that walk over them during their lifetime.

The process of design usually starts will a graphic designer. Many customers simply want their company logo printed straight onto a mat. There are many customers, however, who want to adapt an existing logo or create a brand new one. The graphic designer will take the customer through every step of the design process until a satisfactory design has been agreed on. State-of-the-art printing machines then spray the design onto nylon sheets which are then mounted onto the rubber mats. Logo mats are a great way of providing a slip-proof floor surface while greeting a customer who has just entered the store.