Customized Mats

Every business wants to give their customers the warmest welcome possible. It is a way of thanking them for their patronage or greeting them as they first walk through the door. A customized mat can give a very personal welcome to customers and provide a friendly greeting when staff are busy with other customers.

Almost any design and lettering can be printed onto a hard-wearing and durable mat. They come in a wide variety of sizes and can be washed repeatedly without ever becoming faded or worn. They can withstand years of punishment because they are often made with nitrile rubber. They are also fitted with non-slip grips to keep them firmly stuck to most floor coverings.

Customized Mats Provide a Warm Welcome For Visitors

Personalised mats are made possible with the use of sophisticated printers. A graphic designer will copy any logo and listen to the client’s specific requirements for the mat. A number of different features can be added including text, photos and extra colour. The customer will receive a printed copy of the final design before the mats are produced; just in case last-minute alterations are required. The design is then printed onto mats of varying sizes. This type of rubber mat leaves no stains on the floor and it is impervious to grease.

Many customized mat retailers can design logos from scratch if the customer doesn’t already have one. The design process will involve regular contact with the client until a final design has been agreed upon. There are usually extra charges for this service; however, the client will be left with a logo that can be reprinted repeatedly. Many of Britain’s largest retailers have installed personalised mats at their entrances to give customers a warm welcome. Customized mats are a great way of communicating a particular brand image in a practical and safe way.